What the F**K is Zoogma?  New Era Remixes

What the F**K is Zoogma? New Era Remixes

Guitar.  Keys.  Synth.  Bass.  Drums.  Zoogma.


Over the past six years Zoogma has been evolving into an extremely versatile live band that continues to push the limits of sound, bass and samples.  As an avid Zoogma fan for the last 4ish years, I have enjoyed watching these guys grow their sound and style all over the country and am excited to help announce the New Era Remixes.  Having listened to this album on repeat for the last few days, I will honestly tell you folks that the collaborations with other artists is truly unique and special.  Zoogma might pack one of the best live performances I've seen in the last year...6 times...so give me a little street cred.  It is pretty sweet to see a drummer, bassist and 2 guitarists all have a computer set up next to them to manipulate sounds and use samples, not to mention two of them play synths as well.  What I'm trying to say is...there are a lot of awesome sounds interacting in the best fashion.  The sampling might be my favorite part of this band, however.  Everything from Michael Jackson to Notorious BIG to the Eagles, they incorporate all genres of music into a vibe that is perfect for any music enthusiast.  So, without further adieu, please take some time to check out some tracks off Zoogma's new album New Era Remixes at www.souncloud.com/zoogma, along with all the rest of the rad Zoogma music!

We'd also like to give a huge shout to Bobby Windauer (bobbywindauer.com), who helped IGD & Zoogma create the awesome image above for the Colorado run through Vail, Fort Collins & Denver.  Through collaborating with Bobby & Zoogma, we at I GET DOWN have been motivated to keep the collaborations going with not only Bobby & Zoogma, but all bands, photographers, designers, artists, athletes and more.  Our goal is to work together with like-minded people in order to create joy, understanding and love throughout our movement.  We thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  Hope you have an awesome day.  Oh yea, keep getting down and being awesome!

- Tom Strehlow

IGD Expert