I GET DOWN is amazingly excited & honored to feature Bobby Windauer & his amazing art!  We've teamed up with Bobby to create a small line of gear tailored to anyone trying to look great, feel comfy and most importantly, get down!  Here is a little bit about this amazing person & his rad art:

My work is inspired by my hobbies: mountain sports, camping, urban living, travel, food, beer (yes, beer is a hobby), and general nerding out. While 10 years of freelance graphic design and illustration have yielded many stylistic changes, I'm currently going through a love affair with geometric simplicity, defined lines, and bold fills. I think that going back to my youthful roots of drawing comics in my bedroom and designing my own Final Fantasy characters (oh yeah, that was a thing) has led me to this current look and almost cartoon-y feel.
As far as my future in design and illustration? Who knows-- I want to see where this thing goes. I love what I do and I create every day, a simple model that's been a success for me artistically and professionally. Since you can't fight the waves, I'm gonna ride this one out