The Slu Capsule

I GET DOWN is amazing excited & honored to feature Andrea Slusarski & her amazing art!  We've teamed up with Slu to create a small line of gear tailored to anyone trying to look great, feel comfy and most importantly, get down!  Here is a little bit about this amazing person & her art:



Instagram: @drawingfromnature


“Painters understand nature & love her & teach us to see.” - Vincent Van Gogh, In Letters to Theo


Andrea Slusarski is an artist and educator based in Denver, Colorado. An Illinois-native, she always yearned to find herself in the mountains. Now, calling Colorado home, she feeds her creativity with the simple connection that has always led her to the wilderness. An avid backpacker and snowboarder, you’ll always find her out exploring with her sketchbook in hand.


“Ever since I can imagine, I’ve need to be outside - adventuring, sketching, getting lost in the surroundings around me and in my drawings. Creating is my way of fully submerging myself into my world. My art is inspired by the simple connection I hold with nature and the feeling I try to preserve with every painting or drawing. I feel most alive when I am out in the wilderness, and even more so when I create.”


“In my work for I Get Down CO, I wanted to communicate the simplicity I feel when I am out in nature. While there is so much detail around me, the mountains always find a way to humble me and help me see the beauty in staying simple.”


“I just want to go on adventures and draw things.” - Andrea Slusarski