I GET DOWN is a Colorado based clothing and apparel company that strives to support people and what they love, who they are, and finding their place in the world. Our team is a group of unique individuals from all over the U.S. We have traveled the world in search of new experiences, cultures, and the need to be fully engaged in life. We now call Colorado our home and hope to share our experiences and mindset by radiating positivity and inspiring creativity. We promote the understanding that everyone is unique and different, and that those differences can help us all see the world in a new light. We believe that continuous growth and improvement is important not only for ourselves, but for our culture and society, and we want to do all we can to make the world a better place. Our goal is to create a movement where people are proud of themselves and how they get down- whether it be skiing, knitting, hiking, writing, music, climbing, or just being happy, we support everyone and their passion. We live by a simple motto: Live Life. Have Fun. Get Down. 

 Tom. Strehlow

From a young age, I have been an explorer. Whether that be in my house, neighborhood, or across the world, I have constantly had the urge to see and experience more. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, I spent a year teaching English abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and Phuket, Thailand, while traveling to a couple handfuls of other countries along the way. As money ran out, I moved back to the States and found my place in Colorado. I've always loved Denver and the crazy-positive vibes that came with being here, and last year I let my roots grow deeper and bought a house in the city. While I strive to lead a successful clothing & apparel company, my ultimate goal is to bring joy to people and support their passion, as I am carrying out my own as we speak. Throughout traveling the world I've had one phrase that truly represents me, and that is "I GET DOWN", no matter what the situation or event. More than anything, I GET DOWN is a culture set out to inspire people to follow their dreams and adopt the mindset that our life's beautiful. We all just want to be happy in life, and I am dedicated to finding and promoting happiness every day.

C.J. Strehlow

Growing up in the middle of the Midwest, I always tried to look outside the bubble.  I knew that there was more out there in the world and I didn’t want to confine myself to a small town life.  My world changed when I was introduced to live music and I’ve been addicted ever since.I was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to Iowa as a baby.  Over time I have migrated back down south. First by attending the University of Missouri and then graduating to move down to Austin, Texas to pursue my dream of working in the music industry. What better city for me to be in than the Live Music Capital of the World.  I absolutely love this city and learn/explore more with everyday. I'm lucky enough to work and tour with some of my favorite bands and love what I do.My job takes me to many different places but there is always one state that is at the top of my list… Colorado. It's a magical place that is full of life and adventure.  I Get Down is just an extension of that. For me it's what you believe in and are passionate about. I want it to be a platform for people to be themselves and express how they get down in their everyday life. CO to ATX and worldwide.

Rory Morgan

As a young boy I always wanted to be outside. I explored my small Nebraska world from top to bottom. I knew from a young age that when I was older I wanted to be somewhere I could plant my roots and find myself positively impacting others by sharing my desire for the next discovery.  After I graduated from Nebraska my professional, corporate drone journey landed me in Galveston, TX. Galveston allowed me to explore what the world had to offer outside of my bubble.  It showed me others desires, submersed me in new cultures and gave me the chance to parallel my life with others who shared common and uncommon interests.  My time in Texas was appreciated, but I knew I wanted more than its environment could have provided me. After much hard work, I was able to find my opportunity as a corporate terminator in Denver. My long time dream became my goal which became my reality. My love for adventure and discovering others resurfaced in a way I didn't know existed.  I Get Down has rapidly become my platform to share my journey and passion with others, near and far. It has allowed me to share my roots, discover friends looking for more, and launch my creativity into untapped stages.  The world is a beautiful playground and has inspired me to get down.  I hope you find meaning in our message and let us support you doing the same. 

 Julian Jess

Live life, have fun, and get down.  It's the code I live by.  The world is a playground, go out and make yourself smile.  Be positive, intelligent, thankful, considerate, and overall awesome!  Love your family and friends.  Cheers, salud, Prost, chok dee!

Oh and I like bad bitches and that's my fucking problem.