Courtney Hilow

Denver, CO

As the original I GET DOWN designer, we hold Courtney near and dear to our hearts.  There would literally not be an I GET DOWN if it weren't for Courtney and her willingness to help something that was nothing more than a pipe dream still amazes us to this day.  With a fun, colorful and energetic array of designs, Courtney covers a wide range of creative outlets including advertising, branding, digital/social content, holography, infographics, print, typography, websites and all around badass designs.  Her upbeat attitude in the day to day world is clearly represented in her work, which gives you an understanding for her spirit and inspiration.  Not only are we lucky enough to have worked with Courtney , but we are truly lucky to call her a friend.

Bobby Windauer

Denver, CO

My name is Bobby Windauer and I reside in Denver, Colorado, though my roots take me back to Chicago and Iowa City, Iowa.  I am a graphic artist, designer, and illustrator by trade and aspiring mountaineer. When I'm not at the sketchbook or iMac, you can find me in the Rocky Mountains hiking, camping, and snowboarding.  My design work is primarily illustrative, though as you can tell by my projects, I lend my talents to web, page layout, and installation when the timing is right. I consider my style "geometric illustration" as much of it is based on common geometry and grids. I feel this style lends itself to a broad range of media but also prints / embroiders / screenprints extraordinarily well.  If you want to know more about me, the work I specializein, or anything else, visit my contact page and drop me a line. I'd be happy to chat!