Pro Team

The I GET DOWN Pro Team is a group of like-minded individuals that constantly strive to radiate positivity, inspire creativity and make the world a better place.  This amazing group shares several similarities, but more importantly, identifies how each of our differences shape us as individuals in order to discover our own happiness and passions.  Each and every person below gets down in tons of different ways and we love supporting their journey of fulfillment, success, and happiness.

 Hunter Wenger  @drgonzo707

Columbia, MO

A truly amazing human, Hunter can instantly make friends with anyone and everyone.  Might be the biggest supporter of I GET DOWN to this day, Hunter constantly chases adventure, fun, music and friendship all while radiating his immense love for people, culture and becoming a better person.  You'll see this dude leading a rad group of folks to Electric Forest, as well as many other shows in the Midwest.

Eli Sims  @elisims1

Bailey, CO

Please trust us, this dude GETS DOWN! Not only will you find Eli at almost every awesome show in the area, you'll see this dude constantly smiling and loving life. Eli and Hunter met a few years ago and formed an instant bond, which in turn intertwined I GET DOWN and our mentality. Eli has single handedly created a movement in Boonville, MO and beyond, and we're so proud of all he does to give back to the world and radiate positivity.

Kate Lavassuer  @katesplaydate

Denver, CO

Being one of the newer members to the I GET DOWN Pro Team, Kate has established herself as someone who is NOT messing around. Kate gives back to the world by being a kickass animal doctor during work hours, but constantly chases adventure during all hours. This energetic, outgoing, fun loving person truly represents the I GET DOWN mentality and we're proud to support Kate and all of her adventures.

Bob Monaco  @rcmonaco

Denver, CO

The most rad 7th grade math teacher you'll ever meet, Bob shapes the minds of our youth while giving so much more. Bob and Tom met in Thailand years ago and found a common similarity that they both get down, hard. Along with the help of his lovely fiancee, Brooke, Bob strives to make the world a better place by educating, motivating, and following through. One of the best couples in the world, Bob and Brooke work together to bring out the good in people and make the world better.

Scotty Strehlow  @scottystrehlow

Denver, CO

The best little brother a guy could ask for. Scotty is the sweetest, kindest, most caring person that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only would he give you shirt off his back, he'd give you a back rub and make you dinner. It may only be Mac-N-Cheese, but shoot, you won't find a better human. Living and thriving in Denver working for the kickass startup, Ibotta, Scotty is finding his niche and I couldn't be prouder of him and his journey.

Alex Culver  @calvinjculv

Ames, IA

What can we say, this dude gets the eff down. An Ames native, Tom & Alex grew up together sharing common interests in sports, music, events, and shoot, maybe a couple mischievious times. As a hard working, super honest individual, Alex provides a nice balance for those who are in limbo, chasing the social stigmas. As an avid outdoorsman, you can most certainly plan on finding Alex in nature at almost every free moment.

Carey Hoffman  @carey117

Vail, CO

Literally living at a different level, Carey is no stranger to the mountains of Colorado and enjoying everything they have to offer. A constant inspiration to our team, Carey continuously chases her happiness in many forms, whether it be shredding some sweet powder or jamming out to some sweet tuneage, Carey seeks out new and exciting ways to keep moving. A seasoned IGD Pro, Carey is representing the movement every day and we got nothing but love & support for her!

Allie Kranick  @alliekranick

Denver, CO

Positivity, encouragement, excitement, Allie. Nailed it. With an infectious smile, Allie makes an instant impact on everyone she meets and has nothing but kind, positive things to say. A Florida native, Allie resides in Denver and crushes the marketing game along with Scotty at Ibotta. No stranger to Red Rocks, Allie is an avid music junky that gets down and funky on the dance floor with the best of them. Unique, fun, outgoing, Allie.

Austen Arnaud  @adarnaud4

Charlotte, NC

You cannot leave a room that Austen is in without being buds, or at least hearing how fun he is. A friend of Tom's since 6th grade, Austen truly radiates the IGD mentality by living life, having fun and getting down. This dude is guaranteed to create some of the most memorable days, nights or mornings of your life with all the crazy shenanigans and tomfoolery. We will always love Austen like a brother and support his journey til the end. 

Landon Snoddy  @landonsnoddy

Boonville, MO

Can't stop this dude from having a good time, I promise. An old friend of Eli's, Landon has been representing the I GET DOWN movement since Hunter showed them the way. A super hard working, positive, and realistic mentality make Landon a unique commodity in our world. Getting down at every chance, Landon spreads his positivity and love throughout Missouri and the midwest, and we have his back every step of the way.

Casie Wofford  @cwofford28

Dallas, TX

A proud Aggie for life, Casie is truly a unique individual that is determined to make an impact on the world by teaching our youth and encouraging them to constantly chase their happiness. Casie & Tom met in Barcelona, Spain while teaching English abroad for a few months, and instantly saw their common goal to have fun, help others, and live life to the fullest. We have tons of love and support for this awesome person.

Kara Hilow  @karahilow

Tempe, AZ

Another prized human on the IGD Pro team, Kara is a super positive, energetic and outgoing person that is making all kinds of impacts on the people and culture around us. Bringing that Arizona vibe to the team, Kara is constantly enjoying the sunshine and everything it has to offer. Oh yea, not to mention her older sister brother is Courtney Hilow, IGD's first designer and all around badass person. We love and support Kara, Courtney and the entire Hilow family.

Cameron Sundvold  @always_sunny20

Springfield, MO

Another badass little brother on the team, Cam has taken steps to create his own happiness and have fun along the way. Youngest of the Sundvold family, Cam has grown up into a fun, respectful, encouraging person that constantly wants the best for the people he loves and cares about. One of our co-founders, Bobby, might be his older brother, but Cam has earned his spot on the IGD Pro team by being a good human and giving back to his community.  Tons of love to the Sundvold family.

Lo Rumsey  @elle_rums

Fort Collins, CO

As an incredibly talented artists, Lo fits right at home on the IGD Pro team not only because she creates amazing works of art, but because she is a great human that makes a great impact on everyone she meets. Representing a hell of a crew from Fort Collins, Lo and Tom rocked the IGD movement at Camp Bisco in 2015 and are adding many more shows to the docket this year. Much love to Lo and the entire Rumsey family.

Rahm Carrington  @arahmc

Austin, TX

What can we say about this dude...? We just dig him. One of the more honest, fun loving people I've met in the last few years, Rahm constantly brings something different to the table at every moment. Whether it's behind the frame of his dad's old camera or the Tourgigs EX-1, Rahm continuously sees the world from a different view. Rahm has continued to be a huge support to I GET DOWN and we can't thank him enough for just being him, which is a total badass.

Joseph Haught  @summit_joe

Littleton, CO

Reaching one summit at a time, Joe constantly motivates and encourages our team to push for more. It might be climbing a mountain, might not, but at least the understanding that only you have the ability to do something new and to the fullest extent. This is a great dude that truly represents Colorado and the IGD vibe, and we're psyched to have Joe on the team and out there climbing mountains and getting down.

Kirsten Ebey  @denverspeax

Denver, CO

Midwest represent! We had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten and her fiancee, Steven, at Vail a couple years ago and they've been such a huge support for us in Denver and beyond. Representing Michigan always, Kirsten is a fun loving, enthusiastic, passionate person that always wants to experience more. Kirsten and Steven, along with some other awesome folks, run DenverSpeax, which is an amazing website on everything good in Denver, check it out!

Dylan Rosser  @captpeacockmcgee

Austin, TX

Dyl gets down...for sure. Accompanying CJ & Rahm on the Tourgigs crew, Dyl is no stranger to all things fun. Representing the east coast, Dylan has made his way to Austin, Texas where he finds himself engulfed in new opportunities. With the ability to lighten any mood, Dylan adds instant comedic relief and often times leaves you in gasping for air. Dylan is an all around good dude, constantly doing the right thing and helping others, and are lucky to have him on the squad.

Josh Szajko  @joshszajko


Thrill seekers beware, this dude will show you up! Old friends of Lo's, Josh is currently representing the IGD movement in Hawaii. Not only are we super proud of this guy's commitment to our nation's military, we are constantly encouraged my his positive outlook on life. Whether it's jumping out of plans or relaxing outside on the beach, Josh will most certainly be the first one willing. Keep being awesome, Josh, we got your back brother!

Sam Kuusisto  @runwildandfreee

Greenville, NH

Representing the Northeast, Sam is an awesome addition to the I GET DOWN team in tons of ways. A fitness guru, Sam encourages the folks around her to be active, positive and always push for something better. Even though she is a Patriots fan, we'll let that slide because she is an amazing individual that is constantly smiling and motivating others. Going into summer we can guarantee Sam will be spending the majority of her time at the gym, outside or just being awesome.

Dillon LaMothe  @dillonlamothe

Steamboat Springs, CO

The things this dude can do on a snowboard are things we don't even want to think about. Even though he may have had a teeny, tiny injury last year, Dillon establishes himself as an amazing snowboarder and all around good human. Representing Steamboat Springs, Dillon has been a huge inspiration to our team and we have nothing but love and support for him, his recovery, and his desire to get better each and every day.

John Biskup  @johnbiskup

Aurora, CO

Gotta get up to get down. John is all about getting up and getting down. Having summited a dozen class 3 14er's, John follows his passion to get outside, climb and have fun. With making the transition from an accounting clerk to a career in outdoor education and wilderness medicine/rescue, John is not settling for the norm and is taking the steps to create the life and happiness he wants and deserves. You are an awesome dude, John, much love.

Kelsey Gaithe  @kelsness

Colorado Springs, CO

What goes up must come down, right? Well, Kelsey sure does that. An avid climber and outdoorswoman, we are proud to have Kelsey on the IGD Pro Team and out there representing the positive mentality we all know and love. Spending plenty of time in the mountains, Kelsey constantly makes our team jealous with all her climbing, hiking and good times. Along with a cute, furry sidekick, Kelsey is constantly spreading positivity and we are proud to have her on the squad.

Taylor Cope  @taterbug304

Morgantown, WV

An otter at heart, Taylor is playful, loving, energetic and kindhearted, just to name a few. Tom and JJ had the pleasure of meeting Taylor at Euphoria Festival last year and the bond was instant. From minute one it was all about jokes, fun, togetherness and smiles, and that never changes with Taylor. With a love to help people and radiate positivity, Taylor is an easy fit for the Pro Team and we can't thank her enough for all the love and support.

Derek McLaughlin  @derekmac10

Highlands Ranch, CO

You think you crossfit? Think again. We are constantly encouraged, and maybe a little scared, of Derek and his work ethic, not only at the gym, but in life. Some may call him a gentle giant if he allows, but Derek is a great human that we are truly proud of. He constantly reminds us of how a good human acts, communicates and carries themselves; along with an understanding that we all need to make each other better in order to make the world better. Awesome dude.

Lexi Love  @love_mastuh

Denver, CO

Jeez, the smile says everything. Kind, caring, fun, energetic, passionate, Lexi brings all of these and more to our team 10 fold. She continuously searches for fun in all the best places while radiating a vibe that cannot be ignored. Whether it's hiking in the mountains or throwing down at a rad show, Lexi brings her energy and positivity to all places. We can't thank her enough for her support and love for I GET DOWN.

Charlotte Hyman  @charlatte711

New York

A Jersey girl in upstate New York, Charlotte focuses on finding her happiness in the form of hiking, traveling, skiing and plenty more outside. You can always catch her smiling and loving life, while encouraging others around her to do the same. Not only does she care immensely about the people close to her, but about all of those who are looking for some motivation and encouragement. Charlotte's extremely positive mindset makes her truly unique and an awesome IGD Pro.

Tyler McCasky  @tylermac_

Greeley, CO

 A true music junky, Tyler tries his damnedest to make any and every show, no matter where they're at.  Tyler constantly seeks out the best time around and often starts most of them.  Being the fun, outgoing, chill person he is really motivates us to love who we are and embrace the craziness of the world.  It seems like Tyler is always level-headed and willing to make things better off for everyone around him.  Tyler is truly an amazing human and we're so proud to have him on the squad.

Amy Wansing  @amy_wonton

Golden, CO

Adventure doesn't scare this lady one bit. Having spent a few months abroad in SE Asia last year, Amy constantly chases adventure in any form. You know people that have a never ending bucket list? Yea, that's Amy, but the difference is that she actually crosses them off! In all the madness of the world, Amy can always seem to redirect herself back to her journey of happiness and in turn, we will provide her nothing but love and support.

Alex Lawlor  @lawless_ia

Madrid, IA

We are all about spreading love and radiating positivity, and Thomas does just that every single day. Whether it's ripping on the snowboard, longboard, bike, or any other fun contraption, Thomas will find ultimate enjoyment of doing something sweet. Along with that, he constantly inspires folks to have fun and join in on the action, all while creating an understanding that everyone brings something new to the table. Keep being rad, Thomas.

Thomas Davies  @tada234

Walnut Creek, CA

We are all about spreading love and radiating positivity, and Thomas does just that every single day. Whether it's ripping on the snowboard, longboard, bike, or any other fun contraption, Thomas will find ultimate enjoyment of doing something sweet. Along with that, he constantly inspires folks to have fun and join in on the action, all while creating an understanding that everyone brings something new to the table. Keep being rad, Thomas.

Chris Michael  @cmike34

Boise, ID

Get outside and explore. That's Chris' mentality at all times. This guy definitely gets down in all the best ways; such as snowboarding, climbing, kayaking, hiking and just enjoying nature. Chris accompanies his love for the outdoors with a positive mentality that is infectious to all. He creates fun times at every turn and is not afraid to try new, exciting things. Keep doing awesome things Chris, we'll continue to support you!

Mallory Painter  @pit_painter

Columbia, MO

Dog lover, concert goer, fun maker and all around good person. Mallory is a shoe-in for the IGD Pro team because she not only radiates immense positivity, but she encourages people to share their experiences in order to help each other grow and understand things we never have before. Especially right now, we need people like Mallory to help facilitate change and make our culture and community better. Pitbulls represent. We love you Mallory!

Ellie Moffat  @bellefortefinds

Lakewood, CO

A professional adventurer. Ellie cannot resist exploring the infinite bounds of nature with her camera and fun attitude. She may guide folks along epic journeys to epic places, but Ellie gets her fill as well by constantly pushing the boundaries of reality. We often sit and gawk at Ellie's amazing photos and wish we were right by her experiencing all the glory she sees. But for now, we'll continue to provide Ellie with tons of love and support.

Chris Furey @itsfurey

Excelsior, MN

Water is the elixor of life, especially for this dude's life. Doesn't matter if it's cruising the boat, shredding on the wakeboard, or just enjoying the lake, Chris gets down on the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Rest is something foreign to this guy and the way he lives his life, and we encourage him to keep pushing the boundaries of fun and his passions. You are a great dude, Chris, happy to have you on the Pro Team.

Callum Steedman  @callumsteezman

Denver, CO

Kill your TV. If you don't want to, Callum will. This guy is everything outdoors. Climbing, hiking, skiing, fishing, camping and so much more, Callum encourages a clear minded way of thinking by getting out and enjoying nature. He is a great individual with a lot of knowledge about life and how we should live our lives. We are proud to have Callum on the Pro Team and out there representing love, support and the IGD mentality.

Cody Lusk  @cody_lusk1

Sandy, OR

Reaching one summit at a time, Joe constantly motivates and encourages our team to push for more. It might be climbing a mountain, might not, but at least the understanding that only you have the ability to do something new and to the fullest extent. This is a great dude that truly represents Colorado and the IGD vibe, and we're psyched to have Joe on the team and out there climbing mountains and getting down.

Cameron Davis  @camdavis18

Oregon City, OR

Good people know good people, right? Cameron and Cody are buddies in Oregon and share a similar mentality of getting down. Cameron is an avid snowboarder and enjoys most of his time with the people he loves. Also, a sports buff, Cameron enjoys not only watching, but playing his favorite sports and representing his favorite teams. He is an all around great person and we support Cameron and all he does.

Brennen Noyes  @brennen.noyes

Boring, OR

Another good buddy of Cameron and Cody's, Brennen is no stranger to getting down. Snowboarding, BMX and skateboarding are the true passions of this man and he continues to chase them day in and day out. Along with being the co-founder of a skate/BMX clothing design company, Brennen wants to get back in the realm on professional riding. No matter the goal, I GET DOWN will support Brennen and his journey.

Hannah Fetzer  @thedreaming_adventurer

Durango, CO

Where do you feel most comfortable? In bed, on the couch, in your car...? Try a kayak! Hannah has been making her presence on the IGD Pro team felt since day one, radiating positivity and her passion for kayaking and outdoors. Seems like everything we see from Hannah involves her in nature, a kayak, and smiling really big. We love to see awesome people living out their passions and Hannah is a perfect example.

Ethan Flanigan  @flanigans_wake

Denver, CO

From the Rockies to the Appalachians, this dude straight up loves the mountains!  No matter if that's mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding or just hanging with the crew, Ethan frequents the high altitude for one reason...FUN.  Finding happiness in any and all situations is a hard skill to learn, but Ethan is perfecting his craft each and every week in order to exemplify the I GET DOWN mentality.  Not only does he do his thang, but he supports anyone trying to do the same.  Much love to Ethan & his journey!

Chris Cottle  @bigg_cottle

Columbia, MO

Most days you can find Chris farming organic vegetables, getting some yoga in, or working in the wood shop to create whatever comes to mind.  A lover of everything outdoors, Chris is always looking for a new adventure with new, fun people!  And don't forget the tunes.  This guy is a big fan of live music and a wide variety of all music types.  More than anything, Chris is determined to become a better human being every single day and radiate his positivity, knowledge & skills.  Truly an awesome dude.